Dr. Teresita Casanova – JFK Medical Center – What Neurological Diseases Are Treated at JFK?

– Here at JFK Medical Center,
we don’t only take care of stroke patients, but we
also treat all neurologic diseases, including
multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or seizures, Parkinson’s
patients, Alzheimer’s or dementia patients, as well as patients
with infections in the brain. Things like migraine headaches
that are really difficult to treat, then sometimes we
have to bring in a patient and treat them in the hospital
in order to control that. Those are some of the most
common diagnoses that we see. Obviously, things like
ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, is sometimes treated in the hospital. Myasthenia gravis and
Lambert-Eaton syndrome as well and more rare conditions
such as Guillain-Barré, which can affect breathing
and muscular weakness, is treated also in the hospital.

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