Dr. Taavish Sharma Intro at Happy Clinic

Hi everyone, I’m Taavish Sharma, and my favorite
thing about working at Happy Clinic Denver is being able to create this moment with the
patient after about 30 to 45 minutes, after we’ve done the work with the patient together
to address their chief concern, having them look in the mirror and both of us being excited
to see that we’ve really changed their outlook on their own face. It’s such a rewarding feeling, and it really
energizes me every day. I’m terrible at describing myself, so I asked
all of my co workers the first word that came to their head when they thought of Dr. Sharma,
and what I got was: happy, gentle, kind, gentle, tall, kind, and kind. So I guess if you want an appointment with
a tall, happy person, I promise it will be gentle and kind. Feel free to schedule any time between Tuesday
and Saturday.

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