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I’m Jessica Arenas and today we have Dr. Strauss, Oral Surgeon from Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery, right here in the Lowcountry. Dr. Strauss, thank you so much for being here. Well, thanks for having me. I know we’re going to be talking about oral surgery. Obviously, you have a lot of experience, about 12 years’ experience at this clinic. Can you tell me what kind of procedures that you guys offer at Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery? Yeah. We do – we’re a pretty full scope practice, but most of what we do is removal of teeth, wisdom teeth, dental implants, a little bit of trauma, and some facial aesthetics, a lot of oral pathology as well. Okay. What procedures would you say you guys do the most? I’d say the most popular is obviously extractions, wisdom teeth, and we really focus on dental implants, both immediate placement and at a later date. We were talking earlier. I could potentially be a patient, so I’m glad to know that. Come on in. We’ll take good care of you. You guys are very well experienced with that. Yeah. We are. Now, I want to know what kind of advantages do you guys have over general dentists and specialists in the area. I think first and foremost it would be education and experience. You know, after dental school myself and our other doctors in the practice will go on and do residency for anywhere from four to six years, similar to certain medical degrees as well. And then the other thing is we probably place thousands of implants a year, so we’ve got that vast experience. We’re not people that are trained in a hotel room on a weekend, so – So you definitely tell your patients what’s up, what’s going on – Absolutely. They don’t come in like a deer in headlights? No, not at all. The other thing we do is we stand behind our work. We guarantee our implants for life, so – Okay. Well, on that subject, what would you say you guys like make your patients feel comfortable? Treat them like friends and family when they come in and then we make, you know, we make them very comfortable. We want them to know exactly what’s going to go on. Another thing, you know, like I said, we stand behind our work, so that’s pretty much what we do for them. Awesome. Well, thank you, Dr. Strauss, for telling me about Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery. You’re welcome. If you guys want to check it out, just check out our screen right here. Visit their website or give them a call.

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