Dr. Stephen Wood Orthopedic Surgeon at Largo Medical Center

– I originally wanted
to go to medical school and I came from South Dakota and I thought I wanted to be a family practitioner. And one day in medical
school we snuck out of class and went to the theater
overlooking the operating room and watched an orthopedic
surgery, and I saw these guys using all these
power tools, and I said that’s for me. I think that there’s not a specific day that’s been most rewarding here at Largo other than to say that
I am very passionate about the orthopedic residency program and the fact that we
have seven residents now and we’re able to work with all of them, train them, mold them. I think that’s my
biggest passion at Largo. The hospital itself is well run. The hospital is very clean. We have a very confident
staff, particularly in the operating rooms. The anesthesia staff
is as good as they get, and I just feel comfortable
coming here with them.

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