Dr. Stephen Chen, Gastroenterology

– So I’m Dr. Steven Chen. (light upbeat music) It was pretty early, I want to say. I think late high school I kind of gravitated toward sciences
and really enjoyed that. I think like most doctors, I probably initially wanted to be a vet. But afterwards I just really
wanted to help people. When I was 16 my grandmother
died from colon cancer, so I think that’s always
been in the back of my mind, GI, colon cancer prevention. I think in the end, that’s kind of what led me to that specialty. My biggest philosophy is that I want to have my patients feel comfortable with me, to trust me, and kind of feel like if you don’t have that trust then it doesn’t matter what I say. The patient’s not gonna do it. Now days, I think medicine
has changed quite a bit. With the internet, patients
are a lot more educated. They come in knowing
exactly what they want and what their diagnosis is sometimes. So I feel like I’m more
of a guide a lot of times, letting them know what’s
right, what’s wrong, what’s proven, what’s unproven. It’s definitely a teamwork philosophy. I like to work together
to come up with a plan that the patient is gonna follow. Like most Oregonians, I
definitely love the outdoors. Something that I enjoy,
I enjoy photography. Recently I’ve enjoyed gardening a lot. Sports, I like golf, tennis, skiing. (light music)

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