Dr. Srinivas Kaza – JFK Medical Center – Robotic Procedures for Bariatric Surgery

– Right now as you know
with bariatric surgery, we’ve moved from open to laparoscopic. Robotics is basically
the next step to that. It gives us more dexterity
with the instruments. There is supposedly less
pain with robotic surgery, and it’s more precise. You do the same exact surgery
as you would laparoscopically with the same incisions, except
the technique is different in terms of you using a robot
instead of doing it yourself. My general surgery practice,
it’s moving more and more towards robotic surgery. I would say 75% of my
surgeries now I do robotically. In terms of bariatrics, we are now moving bariatrics towards robotics. The only surgeries at this
time we’re planning to do is lap bands and gastric sleeves. Anybody who qualifies for
laparoscopy would be a good candidate for robotics,
again it’s the same mechanism that’s used, so should be the same
patients, the same criteria. What happens to you, the
criterion that we use pre-surgically and the
management that we do post-surgically pretty much
is essentially the same. The only change is the
actual surgery itself in the mechanisms that we use. For robotics specifically, no
different from laparoscopy. The same complications you would get with laparoscopic surgery, still
exist with robotic surgery.

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