Dr. Spencer Wood preaches mental toughness at Montana Coaches Association clinic

I was the 52nd annual MCA coaches clinic wraps up in Great Falls Friday guests learn that it wasn’t all about X’s and O’s this week internationally renowned motivational speaker dr. Spencer wood gave the keynote address on mental toughness training he’s worked with athletes at the highest levels of college sports NBA teams and the Olympics it’s woods second time at the Montana clinic he spoke there last in 2015 he says he was so impressed with it the first time that accepting the invite back was a no-brainer since he says he learns just as much as he teaches it’s not just about a brand for me or getting out my message it’s about growing and improving too and this is a great clinic for that mental toughness is trainable and is teachable it’s commonly seen as one of those X factors that the athlete either has it he or she has it or they do not and that’s actually not true so one of the messages and one of the skills that this session teaches is how do you bounce back how quickly can you flush that mistake out of your system and play present and bounce back for that next play that next skill

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