Dr. Smriti Banthia, electrophysiologist, Indiana Heart Physicians

Dr. Smriti Banthia, a
cardiac clinical electrophysiologist at Franciscan physician Network since 2011.
Electrophysiology is a specialty with anything to do with the arrythmias. Arrhythmias are when you feel like your heart’s racing or palpitating or
beating irregular. We want to figure out what’s going on and try to
see how we can help you the best way we can. I like to see patients in clinic. I
like to bring them into the hospital if need be and try to help them in both
places>I do like a lot of hands-on. My philosophy of care is really it should
be a mutual relationship. I never like to do things just kind of one-sided. I do
like to get to know my patients. Know more about you know a little bit about their life, a little bit about things they like to do and not just their
medical problems. I like playing tennis. I’ve been getting
into the Indiana trails more recently and doing a little bit of walking and
running on the Indiana trails and exploring the trail system. I grew up
here in Indiana. I grew up on the east side. I went to Warren Central High
School but never really explored the trails. I think it’s great to hear our
patients say “These palpitations, I thought they were anxiety for years
and years and years, and now they’re gone.” because we got rid of
it with an ablation. That’s the best thing I can hear. Whether it’s a
young person — we see a good variety of ages from age 18 all the way to age 90
— whether they have a very slow heart rate and need a pacemaker and all of a sudden
I’ve stopped passing out or feel great It just feels good to help a patient. Even if it’s just one patient a day that you’re helping it feels good to do that.

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  1. Dr Banthia became my cardiologist just over 1 year ago when I was diagnosed with SVT. Just had my 1 year followup with her and I am very pleased with her care and feel my heart health is in very good hands with her.  Dave M.

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