Dr. Shounuck Patel of Health Link Medical Center in Beverly Hills, CA

My name is Dr. Shounuck Patel, D.O. I am the regenerative pain
specialist at Health Link Medical Center Regenexx. I
focus on regenerative treatments a everything from the spine to arthritis to various other orthopedic conditions.
So cortisone injections they are a type of
steroid injection that work by cutting out inflammation, but the same reason that the
cortisone injections work is also the same reason that they can be
harmful. They cut out inflammation which we know is the first part of the healing
cascade. But when a patient has been in pain for
a long time that inflammation needs to take place in
order for the body to start feeling again. The alternative to cortisone injections
or surgery, that we use in our clinic, include all aspects of regenerative
medicine. So we use stem cells as well as your own blood products such
as platelets and platelet lysate. For example if someone has back pain and
sciatica I use what’s called platelet lysate
instead of a cortisone injection into the epidural space. Instead of stopping the healing cascade
we’re delivering growth factors that will promote healing. In addition to
just treating the nerves with platelet lysate we treat the Facet joints with the platelet rich
plasma or stem cells. We treat the ligaments that surround the
whole spine and provide support to the spine. We do
that all in concert with each other in order to try to provide benefit to
the whole structure of the spine. In terms of stem cells we’re having
great success with using stem cells within facet joints. Particularly for the lumbar spine or
low back they could be hurting you because I have arthritis for
issues such as whiplash. For the intervertebral disk that’s an
area that does not have good blood supply and does not heal well on its own if the disk is not bulging too much, if the disk has not lost its
height, then the stem cells can provide regeneration for those
annular tears within the disk. That’s not often a
first-line treatment because it is an invasive procedure but if we know that the pain is coming
from the disk then that is definitely something that could provide good
benefit. My training in medical school was through osteopathic medical school and
one of our foundations is that the body as a whole and that
everything is interrelated and the proper treatment a various
conditions involves the treatment of the whole body.
My philosophy for treating the spine and various other
orthopedic conditions is just that. In addition to treating the various aspects that are causing the
pain. I need to really address all the structures that are surrounding. For
example, I just had a patient yesterday that has degenerative disc disease and
has pain going down his legs but he doesn’t have the proper nutrition
that’s going to supply his body with the healing powers that’s
necessary, so we spent the first half of our meeting talking about nutrition and how he
needs to optimize that in order to properly heal.
That’s a part of regenerative medicine and that’s the part that is
unfortunately often neglected and I think that that’s why Health Link Medical Center and Regenexx is looking at things in the right direction
because we look at the whole body.

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