Dr. Sean McElhaney, MD, a Family Medicine physician with The Everett Clinic discusses Vasectomies.

Of course, most birth control items are related towards females only so it kinda
puts the onus on them too prevent pregnancies whereas the one main topic for guys is going to be the vasectomies or just condom use which isn’t the best form of birth control long-term. I’m a big believer in that men need to take
their role in birth control as well. It’s a lot simpler procedure and a lot
safer procedure than a lot of the procedures that are done for women,
particularly tubal ligations and that. A lot of guys have misconceptions
of much discomfort or how much is actually involved in doing that
procedure so I try to get people educated a significant
amount about what it really entails and that it’s a lot less than they expect it to be. In fact, most of my patients when they leave
from the procedure usually walk out going that wasn’t what I thought it was going to be that was nothing. There’s two methods that are done for vasectomies, a
scalpel technique and a no scalpel technique, kind of minimizing the differences. Scapel techniques usually use two incisions that are fairly large and you end up having stitches usually to close them one on each side to be done.
They have a little bit longer recovery time and little bit more discomfort from stitching incisions. The no scalpel
technique doesn’t use a scalpel to cut. Most of us use one incision and it’s a
much smaller incision, doesn’t usually have to be stitched. So there’s a lot less bruising, a lot
less bleeding risk and very quick recovery. For three days at
least they should be just laying around mostly instead of up and doing things. Usually, if I do it on a Friday, say, then they are off
Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Most people return back to work on Monday. It is not painful.They’re usually given a little bit of med to sedate them a little bit, like having a couple drinks, is how
they’re gonna feel. Other than a little bit of numbing to
the skin, a little patch for a tiny little needle stick, most of the rest of the procedure they’re not going to have any pain. But they do have to come back and test,
it usually no sooner than six weeks. It takes time to resolve after the procedure. They
have to come back and test to make sure there are no
sperm present and once they show that there’s nothing present then their clear. So I think it’s just why of the roles that guys can do to help
family planning events.

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