Dr Saunders talks clinic services

The Blamey Saunders audiology clinic is different.
Look at the size to start with. We don’t poke people into little tiny sound proof rooms
and make them listen to beeps feeling rather claustrophobic. Just have a look at the size.
At Blamey Saunders we’ll find out why you’re having hearing difficulties and we’ll explain
it to you, and we’ll supply you with a long written report which you can take to your
doctor or to another clinic or simply use for yourself to find out why you’re having
problems. The sorts of tests we do, of course we do the traditional hearing tests, we find
out how well you hear soft sounds. We also find out how well you hear different sounds
of speech. We explain that all to you. We also find out how well you can hear in background
noise. We help people who’ve got ringing in their ears or ‘tinnitus’ – we strongly recommend
they get a consultation with us. We’ll test children over five years of age. We inspect
your ears and show you some pictures. You can see your eardrum on a video. You can even
take a picture home with you if you want. We’ve got full facilities to take out ear
wax, but we like you to book a special appointment with that because it takes about half an hour.
We generally will look after your whole hearing health. You’ll get your results, you’ll get
your report, you’ll get it all to take with you. And if you need hearing aids, and you
want hearing aids, then because you’re buying direct from us, the hearing aid company, the
manufacturer, they’re about a third of the price you’ll pay anywhere else for premium
hearing aids.

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