Dr. Sarah Bancroft – Primary Care Sports Medicine | Ames, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hello, my name is Dr. Sarah Bancroft. I am board-certified in Sports Medicine and
Family Medicine. At a young age, I started participating in
sports and participated in competitive sports throughout my life, as well as many of my
family members. I enjoy being around the athletes and enjoy
the ability to take care of them when they’re injured, or with their needs with performance
training and fitness. Anyone can really be an athlete, and I appreciate
seeing all types of patients in my office. In the specialty of Sports Medicine, I deal
with a lot of different non-surgical orthopedic issues as well as issues like concussion,
clearance from sports physicals. I also work with athletes who may be having
issues with performance like fatigue or difficulty with their sport because of a recent injury. I have a subspecialty training in ultrasound
guided injections, and I do platelet rich plasma and other regenerative medicine that
can help athletes in the case that they are injured and having a difficult time getting
back to their sport. In Sports Medicine one of the greatest joys
comes when I see an athlete who’s been injured and we come up with a treatment plan, and
over the course of time that athlete follows the treatment plan and improves. It just brings me such happiness to see that
athlete return to what they love and be able to participate and have a healthier life because
they were able to get back to their sport. Extraordinary Care, Every Day means that every
time I see a patient, that I treat them as my own family would like to be treated or
myself. It means that when you come to my office,
that you will hopefully leave satisfied and like there’s a plan of care that you are happy
to be a part of and can participate in in order to get 100 percent improvement.

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