Dr. Sandeep Garg, Cardiology

Sandeep Garg: My name is Sandeep Garg. I work for the Oregon Clinic Cardiology. I got into medicine mostly because I lost
my mom when I was a child. I was 13 years old. My mom died. She was in her early thirties from breast
cancer, and as one can imagine that was a life changing moment in my life and my siblings. And that’s what really drew me to be a doctor. And I still live up to that. And I feel like when I’m treating patients
I’m not just treating their heart condition, I’m treating a person, and I think that to
me is most valuable thing. What I like the most about being a doctor
is just being able to help patients, and you get to see all different kind of patients
from different heart conditions, from emergencies, in the hospital, patients with a heart attack. And you get an opportunity to connect with
patients in long term. I have patients I’ve been seeing for 20 years almost and help
them how to prevent heart disease and stay healthy. I see two things the way I approach patients. One is the way I look at is shared decision
making. They had my role as a physician is to tell my
patients the best I know and walk through the decision making process and tell them
pros and cons and help them make the decisions and what suits them the best. And number two, what I think is important
to me is the prevention part because I see lots of — in healthcare focuses pretty much
on the sick care, prescriptions and procedures and whatnot, and that they have their role. Absolutely. They are very important, but I think I tend
to spend a lot of time talking to patients about lifestyle changes and prevention. Beyond work I like to — I enjoy sports a
lot. I try to play different sports. I love ice hockey, as actually, I play
ice hockey. I love running, I love biking, I like to read
books, and most importantly I really like to spend time with my younger son. And I have two older kids as well. My daughter goes to the medical school, and
my son is a software engineer. And we have a younger, a middle aged son,
plays baseball. So I spent a lot of time with him.

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