Dr. Sameer Mehta | Interventional Cardiology | Rose Medical Center

I’m Dr. Sameer Mehta and I’m an
interventional cardiologist at Denver Heart at Rose Medical Center An
interventional cardiologist specializes in doing procedures to open up blood
vessels so we generally use a variety of either balloon angioplasty– so ballooning
open the artery or putting stents in a variety of arteries — so that can be in
the legs, the kidneys, the heart, the carotid arteries. We also do procedures
where we can in a minimally invasive fashion close holes in the heart or put
new valves in. Cardiology is a neat mix where we get both long-term
relationships with patients and particularly as interventional
cardiologists get that immediate kind of surgical field of a quick fix so it’s a
really great mix for doing things with an immediate satisfaction and then
having long-term relationships with people. I like to do things that are
active so I’m an avid tennis player, I golf when I can ,since we live in
Colorado I love to ski, I love to hike I’m getting older now so if I could do
more things I would but my body doesn’t really allow it.

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