Dr. Salti-McFarland Vein Clinic in Ames

Hello, my name is Firas Salti, and I’m an
MD. I joined McFarland Clinic in 1999. My specialty’s internal medicine, and I have
a special interest in treating varicose veins and veins of the legs. We provide cosmetic
services and medical services for patients with varicose veins or spider veins. Spider
veins are usually cosmetic, and they need to be treated for people to have a better
look for their legs. Any aspect of the varicose veins or vein insufficiency is treated at
the Vein Clinic. Initial evaluation is to have an ultrasound for the veins and see if
there is any incompetency there, and based on that, we make a treatment plan based on
their condition. And then, the following visit will be to start doing what needs to be done.
It’s’ very rewarding, actually, for me as a physician, because I can make people feel
better about their legs and look better too. Often, in internal medicine, you don’t see
that combination. You treat hypertension, for example, with blood a pressure medicine
to prevent strokes or heart disease, but with the Vein Clinic, they will tell you, people
will tell you, that they’re feeling better and they’re looking better, and that’s very
rewarding to me.

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