Dr Ryan Porter, MD – OBGYN – Lakeview OB/GYN Clinic

As a generalist OB, I see and treat low
risk as well as some high risk obstetric populations. We see patients
here who have gestational diabetes. We see patients who have other moderate to
high risk obstetrical conditions, and we provide care for the entire pregnancy as well as the delivery.
My philosophy of care is one of mutual respect. I feel like as a as a generalist
OBGYN that it’s important for me to listen to my patients complaints and
their questions and to answer those appropriately. It’s also important for me
to be able to provide them the expertise with regards to what is the safest or
the most effective form of treatment for the conditions that they’re experiencing.
The best part of my job is helping women have healthy pregnancies and have
healthy deliveries. If you are looking for an OBGYN, we would love to
see you here at Lakeview Clinic.

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