Dr. Ryan Childers, Gastroenterology

– My name is Ryan Childers. I’m a gastroenterologist at
The Oregon Clinic GI South. I think I decided to become
a physician gradually. Did some volunteer work in local hospitals and actually had the
opportunity to spend a summer in South America doing
some public health work. I think that really help
solidify my interest and it grew from there. I love gastroenterology because there are many
different diseases that we see both in the intestinal system, but also the liver and the pancreas. And there’s the opportunity
to do procedural work, diagnostics, therapeutics in addition to talking with patients, using medicines, caring for
patients in the hospital. My approach to my work is to
put the patient at the center, not just trying to
understand their disease and their symptoms but also
who they are as people. How their disease impacts
themselves, their families, their environment and
trying to move forward with them at the center,
understanding what it is they need, and acting in their best
interests to the best that I can. When I’m not at work, I’m typically at home with my two young children with my wife. Sort of like a second job,
they’re fairly active, and very cute but sometimes
let’s say fiercely independent. I also like watching
Portland Timbers soccer and the Trailblazers as much as I can although it’s harder sometimes to catch up with all the games. I like to play guitar in my spare time and doing that really since
I was 10 or 12 years old, and I think it’s a great
way to blow off steam and connect with that artistic side that we all should be trying
to do once in a while.

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