Dr. Ruhoy Tours The Clinic

Hi, I’m Dr. Ilene Ruhoy, and I am proud to
show you our clinic and the different rooms, and what we have to offer. So, follow me. So this is our hyperbaric oxygen tent. Hyperbaric oxygen is where you sit in this
tent and it increases pressure to allow for improved oxygen delivery to the brain, as
well as to the muscles, and to the rest of the body. It is good for just about everyone, but anyone
who is trying to heal from a concussion or a traumatic brain injury, certainly from headaches. It helps with depression, anxiety and insomnia. It helps for chronic body pain and is even
very helpful for our neuropathy patients. So we have designed the Center for Healing
Neurology to be more of a healing space, and not look like a typical medical clinic. It’s what we had hoped for. Obviously, there are some things that we cannot
hide, because we are a medical clinic in the end, but we tried to design it where it’s
at least a little bit more palatable to sit, in terms of the colors and the design. So this is one of our clinic exam rooms, where
we will talk to patients and examine patients and really get to know them. This is, over here, one of our procedure rooms. And a lot goes on in this room. So this is our autonomic testing device, and
this is our tilt table. And so we do all four parameters of autonomic
testing, including the tilt table, the heart rate deep breathing, the valsalva, as well
as the cue start. We also do muscle biopsies here, and skin
biospies. We do exosomes, peptides and stem cell therapies
in this room. This is the acupuncture room. So in this acupuncture room, when a patient
is having acupuncture, we will light some candles or some pot pourri, unless of course
they have fragrance sensitivity, and then which we won’t. But we also play some meditative music because
we firmly believe that while acupuncture is doing its healing, we think that it’s a perfect
opportunity to be meditative, which has been shown to be very effective for anxiety, depression,
and even pain, as well as memory. And in fact, there have been studies that
have shown that regular meditation can improve the robustness of our tissue in our brain,
specifically of the temporal lobes and the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory. So we think meditation is truly important,
and we actually guide patients through that as well. But we allow them to meditate while they have
some acupuncture. And this is our other procedure room, and
as you can see, this is our EMG and our EEG machine. We do EMGs, nerve conduction studies, and
ENGs. We also do trigger point injections in here,
as well as our botox for migraines. We do nerve blocks in here as well. And so we do a lot of different kinds of injectable
procedures in this room. So this is also where the PRP and prolotherapy
take place. So things that are injected are mostly done
in this room. Those are our rooms currently, and thank you
for joining me on this tour. I’m always proud of this clinic, which I designed
myself several years back. And so I find it to be a very happy place. So thank you for joining us.

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