Dr. Robert Beck – The Frist Clinic

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Beck. I’m an internal medicine physician here at the Frist Clinic. I did my medical school at Tulane University in
New Orleans, Louisiana, and after that I did my residency as well as my chief
year down there as well. When I meet a new patient, I try and I learn everything
that I can about them by as much as reasonable
in the first visit, and try and find what their
current needs and issues are, and try and find other
ways that I can help them either in the long term or even
to try and prevent problems. We do offer 24 hour a day care and availability for our patients. I am on call for all of my patients 24 hours a day during the week, and we take care of all of
our patients in the hospital, so when they do get sick and
they come into the hospital that they will receive care by me. I think the Frist Clinic
really is different. My wife and I looked for
years, literally years, to try and find a place where we would feel comfortable, and where we felt like patient
care was first and foremost, and that we respected
all of our colleagues, and we felt like we all
were in the same mindset that the patient came
first, first and foremost. We respect every single
one of our colleagues. We have a very good working
relationship with everyone, and it is just a very good
and supportive environment. When people need help, it does mean a lot that
they choose to come to me, and I pride myself on being
able to listen to them and to take the time to care for them. (upbeat music)

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