Dr. Rick Balestra, Pulmonologist

I think it was biology
class in high school where I realized that that was cool and I think that’s when I decided. We had to dissect a cow’s heart and I thought it was just really cool. And then I started thinking about it and then it just made
sense as a life mission to do medicine, it felt like, you know,
something worth pursuing. Essentially when your lungs and heart stop working ’cause you’re so ill, you have to go onto this machine that kind of breathes for you and replaces the function
of your heart for you. They’re very ill for
several weeks in the ICU and then you know, they
finally make it out and then they come back to say hi. And when they’re walking in, you just can’t believe it, that it’s the same person. I like the outdoors a lot, I think it’s one of the things
that drew me to Portland. I like hiking, I like
winter sports, skiing. And then traveling, if I can. So, I haven’t been able
to travel in a while, but I’m looking forward to going to places I haven’t been to.

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