Dr. Ray Rowland – The Glasser Clinic

(energetic music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Ray Rowland. I’m a family physician
here at Glasser Clinic. I think there’s several things that make the Glasser
Clinic unique as far as, me as a physician, the
things I was drawn to. Even though we’re part of
a large hospital system at Greenview and HCA, the
clinic itself is small, the staff is tight-knit, and just in my visits observing before I accepted a position here, I could observe that the
patients were comfortable here, they had a relationship with, you know, not only the physicians, but
also the front office staff. I felt that was, you know, very important. I chose family medicine as a specialty due to the broad range
of illnesses, people, the opportunity to also
practice prevention. During my studies I
found myself interested in pediatric surgery, neurology,
just a variety of things, but I never could commit
myself to one field, so like many other family physicians who found that they liked everything, we end up trying to practice
in a field with a variety. I think approaching a
patient for the first time, it’s very important to
spend time with them, get to know them, learn
their medical history, their family history. And that will help, not
only that acute visit, but visits and the
relationship on down the road. So, I think it’s very important
to spend that time up front to get to know them, especially on that first visit. I’d like to thank the patients I’ve seen for their decision to choose me and the Glasser Clinic for their care. I look forward to building
a long-term relationship, building their trust, and in turn I hope to
provide good care for them. (energetic music)

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