Dr. Rahul Tevar on the Multidisciplinary Breast Care Clinic | Kaiser Permanente

We have this great multidisciplinary
breast cancer clinic for patients who are newly diagnosed
with breast cancer. We meet as a team of specialists, including
Surgery, Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Pathology, Plastic surgery, Genetics. We discuss their case, we meet with the patient,
we meet with the patient’s whole family, answer everyone’s questions, and we have the opportunity to bring all of the doctors together or one at a time. And that really provides a great benefit
to the patient. So, the breast cancer clinic increases the
speed from detection to treatment, to cure by making sure that all of the steps
are planned out from the beginning… rather than the patient meeting with each specialist and then getting referred to the next specialist and referred to the next specialist. We don’t drop people through the cracks. We don’t have patients who are waiting a month,
two months, three months, and we’re able to get the patients into the operating room from
the time of the clinic to the time of the OR in an average of five to seven days. We provide the best care in the world,
bar none. And we have really great teams that work hard
to make that happen, and we get to provide care the way
it’s meant to be provided.

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