Dr. Racquel Sanchez, pediatrician with Via Christi Clinic

My name is Racquel Sanchez. I
am a pediatrician for Via
Christi Health at Carriage Parkway. I’ve been
interested I would say since I
was a little girl, I remember I used to tell my
parents I want to be a
pediatrician when I grow up. My aspiration for medicine
actually came when one of
my family members, a very
close family member of mine, passed away at a very young
age. Since then, it’s just kind
of guided me throughout my
career. I realized my calling was in
pediatrics. I enjoy working
with children. I enjoy working
with adolescents, and babies,
and toddlers making a difference in their
lives and promoting healthy
living for them. So, working with children
has its challenges. I think the
biggest thing for me like when it comes to office
visits, I definitely would want
to make sure that my child
feels verycomfortable so they will feel more engaged
in the visit and actually be a
little bit more open. I try to get the parents also
involved as well. At least that way throughout
the years that I see the
patient, they’re a little bit
more comfortable. My biggest goal and my ultimate
goal is to give the best possible care I
can and that they walk out of the office not just a
patient but the family as well
that they feel like they are satisfied with their
care, that they’re happy, and
the patient is happy as well. Communication is a very
important thing when it comes
to medical care. It’s important
that the patients, the family
members, especially in
pediatrics and the physician
create a team to be able
to find the best possible plan
and management for a patient’s
care and making sure that
they’re growing and developing
appropriately for their age. One thing I do like about
being in primary care as a
pediatrician is that it allows me to have that continuity of
care. That way, the families
themselves actually feel comfortable with seeing me.
I really do love working with
kids. One of the things that I
love the most about children
is that I feel some
gratification and that positive impact when
they could just tell me a story,
and that just makes my day.

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