Dr. Phil To Parents: ‘You Can’t Have A Psychiatric Hospital Parent Your Child’

Madison is the history of lying is it an everyday occurrence she lies about the littlest things she’ll take frozen strawberries then we’ll find the hole the melted big bag in her room last month Maddy scammed us telling us that she had a new job that she needed tools for Beth and I agreed that we would buy the tools she bought $900 worth of tools days later we found out that Maddy had returned all the tools and some cash I don’t think she cares Jim and Beth say their daughter Maddy is out of control but Maddy says she’s really done nothing to warrant being committed and locked up in a psych wards and detox centers and things like that so I made a graphic of Maddy’s out-of-control behavior according to Jim and but first Jim and here it is she’s a liar a thief manipulator found hundreds of dollars of sisters and best jewelry makeup and clothes in Maddie’s room money lying around would disappear soon Maddy took it hasn’t stolen much money 20 bucks here and there stole boost in the liquor cabinet random wallet found in the room three years ago accused of stealing from a school locker room accused of stealing clothes from a friend that was she was living with shoplifting two times banned from the store for two years this is a $10 phone cord threatened to break bess arm left scratches on her arm sister and Maddy pulled each other’s hair through glass object out the bedroom window throws phone at the car window wall sometimes breaks broke her bedroom TV screen verbally abusive swears says not my real dad turns little requests into full-blown fights uncontrollable meltdowns screaming uncontrollable incoherent swearing at the top of the lungs at 16 years old ran away for two months and according to Beth your list is Maddy is vile physically abusive and explosive past six months run up twelve hundred dollars on the credit card with lying says didn’t take frozen strawberries but found rotting in a room she talks on the phone you can hear the dog whining and Maddy denies the dog scammed parents out of nine hundred dollars for a job that didn’t even exist pulled her arm behind her back pushed her down two times a year ago pounded in the back verbally abusive not real mother leaves marks on the walls from throwing things meltdowns that can last for hours typically 30 minutes gets loud throws things and cries that’s pretty much a description of the behaviors that have triggered you’re seeking intervention and treatments right pretty much the running away it was the where the trigger was she was not safe disappearing with people that she just met on the Internet at that point you kicked her out of the house right yeah you did he told me again not for two months she’s one to stay away for two was you told me to get the hell out of this house after we had a fight yeah no yeah so y’all remember that differently very you had a mental health warrant when she was 15 16 well you had no when she was 16 I thought they were both 16 and owner of one what was technically when she was 15 the other one when she was 16 my point is both of them whichever 12-month period it was in both of them one she was discharged within two hours the other one she was discharged the next morning and the records show because she was evaluated as not being a danger to herself or anyone else so my point is your assessment and all you do is make the best assessment you can at the time from your point of view I get but your assessment was she needs to be taken out of the home on a mental-health warrant and put into a protected environment she was getting more physical about things she was taking off with people we didn’t know where she was going she wasn’t telling us what she was up to and and it was after after her being away for the two months and she was talking about taking off again and still not I whatever I think they around you guys like if you just dress me out and everything but you care to have a psychiatric hospital parent your child it was put to us that it meds were out of order and that’s why she was making these decisions you guys let me back in the house and I was like okay maybe they’re gonna start accepting me because I’m behaving and five minutes later after I get back to the house cops knock on the door and I was put in handcuffs taken to the hospital

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