Dr. Peter Buck – Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine | Ames, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hi, my name’s Peter Buck. I’m an orthopedic
surgeon here at McFarland Clinic. I’m board certified in orthopedic surgery, as well as
sub-specialty certified in sports medicine, and I’ve practiced here at the main clinic
at McFarland Clinic since 1990. A typical visit here at the clinic would be that someone
would have an orthopedic problem, would either be referred in from their primary care doctor
or they can also self-refer. Say, a sore shoulder, and they would make an appointment. I would
talk to the patient about their problem, find out what things aggravated or made it better
or what type of treatments they’d had up to the time that I’ve seen them. I would do an
examination to try to pinpoint where the problem would be, take appropriate x-rays, and then
formulate a plan. Many times, physical therapy or medications would be appropriate. Other
times, surgery is appropriate. Common problems that I would take care of would be, for instance,
a knee that’s been injured, either a ligament injury, an ACL injury, or a meniscus tear,
and do surgery to help that out. Or, someone that has a badly worn-out joint that needs
a joint replacement. But, orthopedics involves people of all ages, all sorts of problems,
fracture work, emergency work, nerve and tendon repair. So, it really covers a huge gamut
of musculoskeletal problems. I find it enormously rewarding to see someone that is markedly
disabled, take them through the orthopedic process, and have them get back to the type
of activities that they enjoy.

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