Dr Peter Atherton – Medical Director – The Atherton Clinic

Hello, my name is Dr Peter Atherton and I’m
the Medical Director of the Atherton Clinic (formerly the FadeAway Tattoo Removal Clinic) – the only doctor led clinic
specialising in tattoo removal in the UK. In the clinic, we use the very latest technology
which is effective and safe. Now I’ve been a medical practitioner for more
years than I care to remember and during my fairly long career, I’ve always been interested
in the skin; and I’ve actually been waiting, for the last several years, for a technology
to come along that actually removes tattoos completely.
And now, it’s here. We use a state of the art laser called the
PicoSure laser. It’s fast, effective and safe.
We reckon to remove most tattoos within six sessions.
But of course, it’s not the laser that removes the tattoo. It’s actually you; or to be more
precise, your immune system. Because all the laser does is to shatter the
ink particles into tiny, tiny fragments which your immune cells can then swallow or engulf
and carry away causing the tattoo to gradually fade.
So you can see that it’s very important that you have an immune system that’s in tip top
condition. And to help that, we use natural health products,
in particular, the herb Aloe Vera. I was fortunate enough to study this at Oxford
University a few years ago. I wanted to discover its medicinal qualities – which I did – and
it has many, and so I’m very much an ‘Aloephile’. So in the clinic here, every patient is invited
to drink aloe vera and we also use it topically in the treatments to soothe the skin and promote
healing. And all this is at no extra cost to you.
I hope, having looked at this very short video, that you would be stimulated to look at the
clinic in a little more depth and perhaps come and talk to us about your tattoos because
we realise that not only do many people want to get rid of their tattoos physically, but
there is also, in many cases, a mental problem because the memories (about the tattoo) are
not good. So we help not only to erase the tattoo, but
also to erase the memories. Thank you.

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