Dr. Pamela I. Ellsworth—Nemours Urologist, Orlando

Gonna give me five? All right. Lovely. So I’m a pediatric urologist. I take care of
young girls and boys who have structural problems
or even functional problems in their urinary tract. So I decided to become a
doctor because I loved people and I wanted to be more
involved with people than just as a peripheral. One of the things
that really struck me about the pediatric
surgical specialties was the chance to actually
interact with not just the patient, but their family. Secondly, we get to
grow old together and I get to see the impact
of that over their life span. I was lucky to have
experience Nemours’ culture when I was in my
fellowship, and I vowed that I was going
to return at some point because it really
fit what I thought was the right attitudes toward
taking care of children. There are several things that
makes Nemours clinic unique. From the minute you
walk in the door, you have a team that are engaged
in taking care of children. And if your child
needs a test, we can provide that
often the same day as the clinic appointment
and to see you after, to give you that information
right then and there. I want my patients
and families to know that we’re here for
them and that we need to hear from them how
we can make things better.

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