Dr. Özlem Biçer – an experienced hair transplant surgeon in Istanbul

hello I’m Dr. Özlen Bicer I have been medical
doctor for 20 years. I have been doing transplantation for 20 years
approximately. I have been doing fue for 15 years in Istanbul in Turkey in my own
licensed clinic. I have been doing FUE for 15 years in
my own licensed clinic. Approximately 3000 follicles a day. I see I do more patient in a
day generally 3.000 or 3.500 grafts in a day if
our patients at least 2.500 grafts maximum 4.000 grafts per day. No I have never done automatic systems.
I don’t have any experience. What is the reason? No I think that tissue is very
important for the patients and doctor has to feel the tissue. Automatic systems
I think this is a robot cannot estimate, cannot feel the tissue and I
don’t want to make any trauma to the tissue. I want to feel the tissue feel
the deep of the root I want to feel the grafta so I decide a lot of things during
the procedure. For example when the patient has a single hair in a graft I
arrange the punch … I arrange when a patient has three per grafts I change
the punch every time and I decide a lot of things during the procedure. But if it is a
machine how can it decide it. so it is important. Donor area is very important for me. I am a doctor I have to protect the donor
area and I have to feel the donor area. I have to feel the grafts I’m not a machine.
Are you working manual or with the device? Generally I do use micromotor
I made manual l but I don’t feel for it because I want to standardize the procedure.
For example by micro motor I can I can give the same pressure to the tissue. it
is standard. If I want to change it I may change it at the
beginning. but every time I don’t want to arrange it. I don’t need it. it is
standard so I know what is going to do after
the procedure. I know the trauma of the skin but if I use my hand
every time I cannot give the same pressure every time. at the beginning my
arm is strong and I would give hard pressure at the end low pressure, so this
affects the donor area. I think so. generally I don’t prefer it but a lot of
doctor may prefer it. I respect them, it doesn’t mean that it is bad technique or
this is the good technique but this is the prefer I prefer micromotor generally.
you do your hair transplant yourself with the assistants or what is your role in the surgery? I do only one hair transplantation in a
day – I do only one hair transplantation and a with my team with assistants but I
am with the patient all day. oh I do this surgery the surgery part I collect the
grafts with my team together I open the holes only by myself. I do
local anesthesia but putting the grafts is done by my team not by myself. I want
to be with the patient all days I am with the patients all day but while
during the nurses putting the grafts I am also with the patients and I check them
every time. I do the surgery by myself the surgery part but preparing of the
patients just for example if you like the form shaving the hairs of course the
assistants will help me, of course. Is there any specific point which you
think is most important point in hair transplant? Crucial? yes there are a lot of
tricks for the transplantation I think a lot of important points. you
have to be careful on about a lot of important points because all these
points affect the result. for example if you don’t draw a good hair line your
result cannot be natural. if you cannot choose an optimal punch you may destroy the donor area. if you cannot organize the good slit
yes your result will not be good. a lot of important tricks a lot of important
points all of them will affect your results. so I think a I learnt them of
course twenty years I learned a lot of things from my friends from doctors in
the European in the United States in Turkey and we tried to find the best
procedure. all of our experience I always want to improve the technique,
improve my team, improve myself otherwise we cannot be successful I think. there’s
a crucial question about people who think they don’t have enough money to
make a hair transplant. so they hang on a budget we know we have offers starting
around 1,500 … 1,300 euro. people say I don’t have more money. what is your
your opinion about that, what would you recommend to such a patient? no I
generally say that the price is not important of course for a doctor for
this for this kind of important procedure. but if you don’t have enough
budget please wait. why ? because your donor area is very important. it is
limited and you need to use your donor area
very very … how to say … you have to think before it.
because it cannot take it back. so it means that if you don’t have enough
money wait one year because it is your face, it is your image, it is
you. I know the patients says a lot of expectations so if you if you want to
get your expectations you cannot get them cheaply.
it is impossible. quality cannot be cheap. it is impossible, because I think the
most important thing is hair transplantation is a medical procedure.
so you I don’t suggest you lose your health, because it’s it’s a it’s the kind
of small surgery. for example if you have contamination you may have hepatitis C
if you have contamination you may have Hepatitis B … if you may have a lot of infections
you may have a lot of risks, you may lose your donor area. a lot of
important points consider you have to consider you have to be
careful about your health … wait wait. I suggest you to wait in that case. Very
different question – what do you think about the additional medical treatment
like finasteride for example? no I think minoxidil or finasteride yes we may use
it but generally I say that don’t take it without any doctor comment. okay – why …
because these are medicines, these may have side effects. first the
doctor has to check your liver your spleen or some blood tests. then
while you’re using term we have to check the muscle. for example it is a
medicine so if your doctor said that use it please use it but do your
periodically blood controls otherwise I think your health is very important
otherwise don’t use it by yourself. thanks for the moment anything else which
you want to comment say? Choosing a doctor a clinic or
somewhere else I want you to be careful about two or
three objective points. first of all please touch in contact with the doctors
directly. it is important because your operation your procedure your hair
transplantation will be done by the doctor. it is important it affects your
result. the second important point is please ask licence. because I think the
black market is very important for the world. So if you don’t want to have
a bad experience be careful about license. one from the clinic license ok.
and the third one is the experience and the last point is the money If you have questions write to us and plase give us a like

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