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  1. You got the WRONG doctor for this subject, Dr. Eric Berg is the only professional I trust with data and facts. Just some of the things he mentioned, you can tell he doesn’t specialize on this subject. Just because he’s a doctor, doesn’t mean he’s qualified on this topic at all. Check his qualifications and his work before you blindly trust anyone, especially on tv…

  2. What a fraud Dr Oz is! Dr Berg is the pioneer on Keto and Intermittent fasting education not Dr Oz. Anyone watching this WATCH DR BERG ON YOU TUBE!!! Dr. Berg is the BEST Dr to watch not Dr Oz he is copying Dr Berg who had all the info first. Dr Berg is honest and has way more info on this!!!

  3. why half and half milk causes inflammation. and jelly
    it need to be a bit of soda maybe to bring Ph Balance
    why create starchy feeling and how much water he says to them to drink?
    half and half is big no no actually exclude dairy products
    and also why ask ZI S d o h c tЭ and he said he is doing it for how long?

  4. The thing is, IF is a complete change of lifestyle. It is not about just starving yourself. SMH. And you do not have to change your life immediately, it takes time, trial and error. But you cannot keep making the same mistakes — gorging on sweets, food, and bad sleep patterns.

    In reality, you are supposed to either hit the gym or run or cycle or swim or yoga, eat clean, and sleep well while doing IF. If you do not – you are just wasting time and effort.

    For example, if you want the 16/8 window… STOP eating after 7pm. That's easy for most working professionals. Just have a solid, clean dinner at 5pm. Sleep at 7 or 8pm, wake up at 3 or 4am, workout for 1 hour (while fasting) , and get ready for work (drinking lots of water to stay hydrated). By then, you are already 11-12 hours in fasting mode because you had dinner at 5pm the night before. Feel free to have a protein shake if you really need it. Otherwise, stick to caffeine and water for the next 4 hours, skipping breakfast.

    You will suffer at first because your body is going through a brand new experience. You will feel like quitting, but, it is mind over matter. Your mind and body will get used to it in 1 or 2 weeks. But by the time they do, you will already see results. Your clothes will start to feel loose, your mind will not be preoccupied with the 'what am I eating next?' question. Again, eat something if you absolutely must until you can go the full 16 hours.

    When you finally 'break your fast' (breakfast) at around 9am, start with fruit and maybe greek yogurt. Remember, you are eating cleaner now. Eat as much of it as you like — the fruit I mean. DO NOT gorge on the first thing you see or you will give yourself a stomach ache. Eat clean throughout the day, portion and calorie control. Think about nutrition. The way I see it — I think about the foods that cause inflammation and try to stay away. Because just about everything causes inflammation, it is not an exact science.

    After a few weeks, you will notice your body is not willing to devour just anything like it did before. You are beginning to give your mind and body a complete 'reset'. You will gain new awareness as it is a new experience. You will feel closer with your self. You will only eat when hungry now.

    IF was introduced to me by a gym trainer at LA Fitness in Pasadena, CA. He mentioned the terrible advice doctors give people about the daily 2,000 calorie diet — which is false and not necessary. Your body does not really need all the calories doctors lie about.

    As an archaeologist who studies prehistoric foragers living in desert environments, I know that for 90% of human history, prehistoric societies lived as foragers — what is commonly referred to as hunting-gathering… It means they could not rely on eating first thing in the morning, much less several times per day, everyday. They were working out most of the time, trying to obtain calories. Based on those facts, their bodies probably had a very low fat content and a lot of muscle. They did not suffer because they had been practicing the lifestyle for thousands of generations and were used to it. And their diet was top notch too. It mostly consisted of what people refer to as vegan. Their animal protein came from trapping and hunting small and large mammals, and or catching fish.

    Final comment. Other videos and online sources can summarize IF and its benefits much better than I just did. This is from my experience. PLEASE do your own research. There are great online sources and videos on youtube regarding IF. Some videos break down the science and physiological effects behind IF. The most important thing — think about where you are and where you want to be and reach for it. Take care.

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