Dr. Neelesh Kantak on the Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Clinic | Kaiser Permanente

So, one of the unique things that we have
at Kaiser Permanente is a multidisciplinary breast cancer clinic. Once a week, we get together and it’s an entire
team of physicians who are involved in breast cancer care. We review all the patients that have been
diagnosed with breast cancer in the past week and as a team we come up with an evidence-based treatment plan for each patient. We go and we meet with each patient individually,
so in one visit a patient’s able to meet with all five specialists that are going to be
involved in their care. We each have a chance to discuss the diagnosis
with the patient as well as come up with
a personalized treatment strategy. One of the advantages to a truly multidisciplinary
team is that we’re able to make decisions much faster and in a coordinated fashion. We’re able to get our patients to the operating
room sooner and I think that we’re able to more clearly communicate our
treatment plan to the patients. When all your specialists are on the same
page, I think it helps patients make an informed and clear decision more easily. At Kaiser Permanente, I have a network of really talented and brilliant
specialists and surgeons to work with so we can ensure that we get the best
outcomes for our patients.

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