Dr. Moises Virellas Shares Why He Chose OBGYN

– My interest in OB/GYN began very early as a medical student. I had no idea that I
had intention of being a cardiac surgeon, a chest surgeon, and I was left to take care of a patient while my intern was off
doing an obstetric rotation, wound up delivering a
baby as a medical student, and that caught my attention. I thought that was interesting and fun and the surgical aspect
of the OB/GYN specialty was a unique opportunity
of not just providing continuity of personalized care with women on a routine basis and delivering babies, but you also have the opportunity to do some really fascinating surgery, and that was a big attraction for me. And then as years evolved and many years of delivering babies, I sub-specialized in gynecology and urogynecology areas. I found a lot of women, many of whom I had cared for earlier
and delivered their babies, and we joke that now I was
fixing some of the problems that the babies I
delivered may have caused because parturition of
the delivery process is an actual predisposing
factor in some of the prolapse by damaging the pelvic floor muscles. So, it was a natural extension
and evolvement in my career, but certainly specializing now in just the female pelvic
reconstructive surgery in that area.

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