Dr. Miguel Gomez, Cardiology

Miguel Gomez: Hi, my name is Miguel Gomez. I’m a cardiologist at the Oregon Clinic in
Tualatin. You know, I have a interesting
life story. I was born in a small village in Mexico, a
small town called Ixtlan del Rio Nayarit, which is like 90 miles North and West of Guadalajara. My father died when I was very young. I was fortunate, my mother was fortunate that
she met and remarried an American citizen. Moved me and my mom when I was four years
old to a small town in Illinois called Harrisburg, Illinois. It was a very blue collar sort of town. And then one summer, I worked as an aid in
a coronary care unit, saw medicine, saw cardiology, saw cardiologists work and said, I think that’s
what I want to do. I take great pride in listening. I think it’s super important to listen and
let the patient explain their symptoms, go through it because a lot of times they just
want to get something off their chest. Medicine has its challenges and rewards. The rewards are taking care of patients, of
course, helping patients reach their goal, making their life better. Ultimately, that’s the best part of medicine
is helping people. When I’m not at work, I like
to explore the Northwest. It has a beautiful part of the country, love
going up the Gorge, going up to Mount Hood, going to the coast. I’m also into sports. I love college football and being a Michigan
Wolverine, I like following them.

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