Dr. Michael Wahl | Cardiologist | Denver | Rose Medical Center

I’m Dr. Michael Wahl. I’m an interventional cardiologist with Denver
Heart. We take care of cardiology patients at Rose
Medical Center and Swedish Hospital. So originally I had a background in electrical
and computer engineering and when I went into the medical field, that matched well with
cardiology where you do a lot with the function and electrical and physiology systems of the
heart. So it became a natural match where the engineering
training allowed analysis of the cardiac system. It also matched well as I went through my
training at Mayo Clinic where we’d participate in developing virtual reality or four-dimensional
type imaging of the heart to really analyze in three or four dimensions– all of the function
relating to cardiac systems. Cardiology has multiple parts to have the
patient have a good experience. To begin with, the group at Denver heart has
been in the area for a long time and we’ve chosen to work with each other because we
have confidence and excellent abilities from each of the providers so we are very good
at maintaining good patient quality and getting good outcomes and doing procedures where they
are appropriate. That combines with needing to have the patients
have good experience through our office and through the patient care so we try to be careful
to listen and give the patient a lot of attention to have a shared plan with the patient and
overall get them to good or better cardiac health.

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