Dr. Michael Hall – Bowling Green Medical Clinic

♪ [music] ♪ My name is Michael Hall.
I’m a family medicine physician at the Bowling Green Medical Clinic.
So I went to undergraduate at Georgetown University in D.C. and, again,
a medical school at the University of Kentucky. We’re a family physician
group that addresses a wide variety of medical conditions from childhood
through adulthood. My approach to patient care is very patient-centered. You know,
I’ve found that if people trust you, if they care about you, and they
see that you care about them, you know, there tends to be a lot
more success with helping them. I really believe in having a personal
connection, getting to know my patients, and really, people, and getting to know
them so that when they come see me, they know they’re seeing someone they
trust. Someone who will do all they can to really care for them and give them
the best care that they can have. I believe this does go a long way in
getting people better and helping them. Thank you so much for allowing us
to be part of your care and this is something that, you know,
isn’t to be taken lightly. The fact that you entrust your
health in us is a great privilege. So thank you for everything
that you do for us. ♪ [music] ♪

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