Dr. Matt Welter, Family Practice Physician at Cache Valley Medical Group

(upbeat music) – My name is Matt Welter. I’m a family practice physician at Cache Valley Medical Group in Logan, Utah. While I see a lot of people with diabetes, and a big reasons is, is one, it’s something that I treat a lot of. I’m a diabetic myself and so I have a lot of interest in it, so. I treat a lot of diabetes
and heart disease and high blood pressure, all
of which conditions I have, so I tend to focus on those a lot as I focus on them in my life, too. Well, my first approach is usually not to throw medicines at people. It’s rather to try to work on changing lifestyles around. I have had to do it
myself and that’s what I usually like to do first. And try to minimize medicines
as much as possible, but use them when they’re needed. It’s always great to see
when somebody comes in you know, really ill, blood
sugars, or heart disease or something is way out of control. And they kind of take charge
and they start exercise and they start eating properly and they just start feeling a lot better. And they come in and they’re
just doing a lot better and they didn’t need a
lot of medicines to do it and it kind of goes over
into all the other aspects of their life, they just feel better. And that’s always a satisfaction, that you kind of guided them along what they already knew they
should be doing anyway. Part of the unique
that’s about the practice is we do take time to
sit and talk with people. There’s a lot of rushing patients through and they’re getting to see
a doctor for a few minutes, but I like to take a lot of extra time to work with people. Well, my philosophy is
just really that we’re kind of in it together,
I’m there to guide them, not here to just order them on what to do. But to kind of help guide them into making the right choices, whether it is medicines,
whether it is change in lifestyle, whether it’s
having procedures done or whatever it may be; it’s
to kind of work together with patients on it, rather than just telling them what to do.

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