Dr. Martine Elie: University Clinic Director

>>Martine Elie: — going
back to evidence of — I teach graduate and
undergraduate students in speech language pathology, specifically clinical
practicum courses. And the courses really are
teaching the students how to apply the theory that they’ve
learned into the practice when they’re working with
their actual clients. I’m Martine Elie, and
I’m the clinic director at the Howard University
speech and hearing clinic. The younger grades’
[inaudible] — I decided to become an SLP
because I always wanted to do something that would make
a difference in people’s lives. There’s not one typical
day; it really varies. I can do things such as
teach classes in the day, supervise students that
are working with clients, do community outreach,
give different challenges, different opportunities,
different things to do, and so that really makes
the job more interesting. For the last two
years we’ve gone to Haiti during spring break,
and we’ve provided a number of different services. We have done hearing screenings,
dental screenings, and a number of different health
care initiatives within the community. [inaudible] is a vital part
of everything that I do in my professional
life, from certification to professional development to
policy statements to advocacy — not only for the profession but
also the clients that we serve. I’m passionate about the field
of speech language pathology, and so teaching it just
allows me to do something that I really like to do. I’m teaching a skill
about something that I am passionate about. [ MUSIC ]

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