Dr. Mark Morasch – Vascular Specialists at St. Mark’s

– Hi, I’m Dr. Mark Morasch,
I’m a vascular surgeon and I work here in St. Mark’s hospital. The thing about vascular
surgery is there isn’t a medical counterpart to what we do. There are no vascular medicine doctors in most facilities and
so we have to manage both the medical and the surgical
aspects of their disease. So although we may be
called vascular surgeons, we’re really vascular specialists. Some of the most common patients we see would be patients with extracranial
cerebrovascular disease specifically patients with carotid disease who are at risk for stroke. We see patients who have
diseases of the aorta, the main blood vessel in the body that brings circulation every
place else outside the heart. Aneurysms or blockages in the aorta. We see lots of patients who
have blockages in the arteries that give circulation to their feet. So leg artery problems. We treat venous disease,
disorders like varicose veins and we may manage a lot of
these problems medically or surgically. And one of the things about Dr. Beck and I it’s wonderful that the
two of us are here together where if it’s something
that I may not have seen or managed before, likely
he has and vice-versa and so we virtually discuss
every patient that comes through clinic amongst each other. One of the things that I’ve
learned over the years, is everybody’s different. Everybody’s life experience is different, everybody’s home situation is different. But everybody’s disease is
a little bit different too. And so every patient needs
to be treated as individuals with those aspects being considered.

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