Dr. Maria Tudor | Internal Medicine

Bună ziua! My name is Maria Tudor. I’m an internal medicine specialist and I
work at North Memorial Health. Well the patient is the most important part
in the equation. I do as a physician obviously I have a role
in treat, diagnosing, correcting the patient and treating the patient but if the patient
does not understand what’s going on, the reason for doing different tests, the reason for
taking a different medication it won’t work. Even if I were the best physician in the world
the outcome will be bad. I want to make sure they understand the condition
and the reason why they are taking different treatments. I don’t think you can practice medicine without
empathy, I really don’t think so. You need to understand that you have a human
being in front of you who’s suffering from whatever ailment and of course you have to
have empathy otherwise it won’t function.

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