Dr. Marcos Nores – JFK Medical Center – TAVR Procedure

– One other type of
minimally invasive surgery that we’re now involved,
I would say is probably one of the least invasive surgery that we’re currently doing is
the procedure is called TAVI. T-A-V-I. And that involves an
implementation of an aortic valve through a catheter that
goes through the groin, on occasions, and sometimes
through a small incision on the left chest. That’s a fairly new procedure
we’ve been doing here in JFK for about a little over a year now. And, within the US,
there’s only a few centers that are involved with that procedure, but that is the really
good procedure, especially, and it’s only, at this
point, approved for patients, who are not candidate for
surgery, for traditional surgery. So, that population of patients who didn’t really have a good option at that point before are
now offered this procedure that is gonna improve
their quality of life and, in some occasions,
also improve the survival of the patient.

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