Dr. Luz Pettle – Valley Care Clinics

My name is Doctor Luz Pettle.
I am an OBGYN with Valley Care Clinics. My office is across the street from
McAllen Medical. I mean, I love OB and GYN. I do a lot of
robotic surgery GYN-wise, when it comes to
that. But I really like OB, OB is what won me
over, cause you make families with new babies
or you accent families with the third or
fourth baby and for the most part, OB is usually
happy times. We do a lot of high risk pregnancies. We manage anyone with a history of
preeclampsia, gestational diabetes. When I became pregnant with my daughter,
you kind of start thinking a little bit
differently when you approach your patients,
cause you’re like, Oh, this is actually someone’s mom,
someone’s daughter, someone’s new baby. It changes your perspective on how you
manage and care for them, how you talk to them, because you’re in
their shoes. Especially that first pregnancy, you’re
like, I have no idea what I’m doing and you
want me to go home with a new baby. So you’re a little bit more understanding,
empathetic towards the new baby feelings
that people get, especially for some parents. Once you have your second and third one,
it’s a piece of cake, but it’s just time
management after that. I’m pretty sarcastic, but in a good way.
I’m easy going. I’m not gonna be the doctor that tells
you, oh you’ve gained fifty pounds during your
pregnancy, you need to stop eating. No, because I gained fifty pounds during
my pregnancy. So, I just want you to enjoy your
pregnancy and enjoy becoming a new mom, enjoy extending your family and to come
see us, because preventative medicine is better
than treating something. If we can prevent something from
happening then you’re extending your life
expectancy and extend, hopefully have a happy and
healthy life. ♪♪♪

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