Dr. Lothe-McFarland Clinic Marshalltown Pediatrics

Hello, my name is Dr. Colette Lothe. I’m board
certified in pediatrics, and I work at the pediatric clinic in Marshalltown. I was attracted
to the practice of pediatrics because my background is in nursing. I was a nurse before I became
a physician, always loved working with children. Children are really fun to work with. They’re
very resilient. They tend to get sick pretty fast, but they also get well very fast. And
it’s very exciting for me to work with them and watch them grow and develop, and to establish
a relationship with their family. My practice philosophy involves the entire family as much
as possible in the care of the patient. I try and put the patient at the center of the
visit and incorporate them in everything that I do. I’m, hopefully, good at explaining things
that are going on with the patient and treatment options, and explaining to them different
avenues of development, things that they can do to help their children grow and develop.
I think it’s beneficial to choose a pediatrician to be the physician for your child because,
obviously, children are our focus, and medicine is a very broad subject. Because we choose
to work just with children, our knowledge base is a little bit more complete for children,
and I think that we’re more sensitive, because of our training, to the needs of families
and the needs of the community around children. The most rewarding part of being a pediatrician
is playing with children and just watching them grow and develop. It’s a lot of fun.
Just watching six-month-olds suck on their big toe is a riot and the way three-year-olds
talk to you, and out in the community when four-year-olds come running up to you, “Dr.
Lothe, Dr. Lothe,” it’s really a lot of fun. And I really appreciate the rapport I have
with my families and the interaction that I have with them, and the mutual respect that
we have for one another.

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  1. We absolutely love Dr. Lothe! She's an amazing doctor and highly recommended by my family. My son has had her since he was an infant and actually loves going to the doctor because he gets to see Dr. Lothe. 

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