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7:27, we’re into awards season now and the
red carpets are becoming just as important as the awards shows themselves, it seems.
Grammys were this past weekend, up next the Oscars – two weeks right? – and according
to Dr. Frank Lista from The Plastic Surgery Clinic, celebrities are already getting ready
for the red carpet. Yes they are, apparently though some of these procedures, Dr.Lista,
you’ve got to do them a couple of weeks ahead for it to get the right effect. Well, yeah
the biggest mistake anyone can make is to do it like the day before, the week before.
No. The bruises are hard to cover. But you know the truth is that celebrities have, they
just never stop. Like it’s a continual process like having your hair done. You never want
the wrinkles to come back. So they’ve been doing it all year. And Dr. Frank and I were
just talking about, there’s a new effect in plastic surgery called… Called the Kardashian
effect. And so why, we know that they’ve had a lot of plastic surgery and they’re very
forward about it. They’re all so open about it! And you know it’s not just surgery it’s,
you know, Kylie Jenner and her lips. Right? So it’s, so the Kardashian effect is it’s
totally open now. And young people are doing it, I mean how old is Kylie right? And we’re
having 20 year olds, not having surgery, but having injections, Botox, Juvederm. So it’s
made plastic surgery way more open, people are talking about it. So what kind of skin
care treatments do the stars do to, because you have to have good skin for the best results.
Well you know we say plastic surgery is like a foundation right, it’s a pyramid, and at
the very bottom of the pyramid, the base is skin care. So you need to be using really
good skin care every single day. And then it’s the other stuff that you do afterwards,
the injections, the Botox, the Juvederm, which is really super easy it’s like, you know,
it’s maintenance. Botox is, explain what that does. So Botox stops you from getting wrinkles
and it’s best in the upper forehead and around the eyes. So you know when you get those “elevens”
when you’re mad, or those lines on your forehead, Botox prevents those. But not only does it
make those go away but it prevents them from forming because if you’re always folding in
the same spot over and over and over again you’re going to get a permanent wrinkle. How
long does that last? You need to do it about two or three times a year. Okay Juvederm,
what does that do? So Juvederm is a filler. So people get those confused. So Juvederm
is a hyaluronic acid filler and it’s to plump up areas where you’re deficient, so your cheeks,
your smile lines, and the big one now is the lips. You have to be careful with the lips.
You’ve got to be careful with the lips. What was that third thing you were talking to us
about, we’ve got the Juvederm we’ve got the Botox and what else do they do? Well then
skin treatments, so peels and now the non-invasive lasers. So laser treatment that don’t require
any time off and people say, “wow you look amazing!” Yeah! So how many, how long is that,
I mean is there a booklet that you have to do two or three sessions before you get the
best results? Is it that kind of a thing? Well yeah, I mean skin care is like, we tell
people skin care is like going to your personal trainer, you need to do it all the time, you
need to start early, start young, and then you add the other things with the help of
a professional. It keeps you current. Let me just ask you this, these kinds of things,
I mean just thinking about a lot of people who can’t afford some of this, because these
things aren’t inexpensive. So what do you recommend for the average person to do who
can’t afford some of the more expensive procedures? So the very first thing is skin care. So that’s
like the number one thing you need to find a good skincare line. I mean you know we’re
really super proud of Miracle 10 which is our own skincare line, but you know a good
skincare line you need to do that every day and that’s not any more expensive than soap
and water. And if you start when you’re young – if you start when you’re young it’s going
to last forever. And then you know, Botox is not that expensive. Like if you’re a young
person with the elevens in your forehead, I mean Botox might cost $100 or $200 to do
that. And you do that two or three times a year, I mean you probably spend more on your
hair than you do on Botox. Okay, what is ThermiSmooth? So Thermi – Thermi is the latest and greatest
skin tightening treatment we have now. It’s radiofrequency and there’s different ways
of administering it. But the most effective way is in loose areas, especially the neck,
or loose areas of the tummy. And we place a really tiny needle, we put some freezing
in, and we place a tiny needle under the skin and it applies radiofrequency to the skin
from underneath and it tightens the skin. So if you have looseness of your neck or looseness
around your belly button and you don’t really need surgery, you don’t really want surgery,
this is super effective. Okay, one session with you? One treatment. Okay and how long
is the treatment? About half an hour. Down time? You might have a little bruise, you
can go back to work the next day with makeup. Okay CoolSculpting, what’s that? Oh my goodness,
CoolSculpting is like off the hook. I never imagined CoolSculpting would be as popular
as it is now. You know you’ve got a little roll of fat that you can pinch somewhere,
you know your weight’s okay, you know close, you’ve got a little roll of fat somewhere
on your body that you don’t like. You come in, we apply the applicator, it puts cold
on the area. It turns out that the fat cells don’t like cold. And it freezes the fat cells
and they go away without surgery. I didn’t believe it when I first heard about it, and
I had it done myself. It’s amazing. How many sessions? Well every time you do it you lose
25%. So if you imagine your roll, you do it once, that’s 25% less. Most people do it you
know two or three times and it’s really popular with me, because men are chicken. Right?They
don’t want to have surgery, they don’t want to have liposuction. And it’s, I have to tell
you, it’s remarkable. Ah, PicoWay? So PicoWay, that’s tattoo removal. Well, tattoos and brown
spots. It sounds so nice but it might be painful. Well, we put freezing stuff on so it’s not
too – but you know, it’s funny when you look at all the stars who are changing their tattoos.
Oh my gosh I see some of them with so many of them and I’m thinking, one day you won’t
want those there. Well the best way to avoid tattoo removal is to not have the tattoo in
the first place. Of your old girlfriend or your old boyfriend, right? Don’t go saying
that, that’s bad for business! [laughter] So, basically that’s a couple of sessions
right? Yeah so you know it’s interesting because sometimes people don’t want the tattoo removed,
they want it modified. So we’ll take off like what’s his name took off – Johnny Depp? – Winona
Forever. To Wino Forever. He just took a few letters off so… So there’s lots to do, so
we know that we see those stars both men and women on the red carpet, they have done many
many visits. They’re all doing it. You know what, probably people you know and love are
doing it too. That’s okay. But you don’t know that, right? That’s the key. Well I know that
but… But it can be done in such a way that other people don’t know. See, and that’s the
thing, I mean everyone sees bad lips or bad cheeks but you know most people have great
lips and great cheeks, you don’t even know. Thank you Dr. Frank! Hey thanks for having
me. Dr. Frank Lista of The Plastic Surgery Clinic.

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