Dr. Lianne Lin, Pulmonologist

My name is Lianne Lin. I am one of the physicians at
the Oregon Clinic Pulm West My dad is a cardiologist,
so we kind of grew up, we grew up actually in
a hospital dormitory. And so I’m used to running
in and out of the hospital, and in the surrounding. And, you know, kind of
give you an introduction to medicine, what he does, and through college he was actually like, explore other stuff and
see what you want to do. So, I did quite a bit
of research just to see. You know, I really liked a lot of the chemistry
stuff and physics stuff, but then at the end of the day, you know, after you were
in the lab the whole day, I still kind of missed
the humanistic aspect. Like, I actually like interact with people rather than just with my dishes of cells. Being able to connect with
my patient is important in terms of, because I see
it more as a team work. It’s not like the old days where the doctors say something and the patient do something. And we all know, like, I think doctors are like
the worst patient ever. (laughs) So. Whether or not we follow directions depends on how much we understand of what the doctors are saying. So, if I can explain things to my patients in a way that they understand it and understand why I am asking them to do what I want them to do, I have a better success rate of people following what I prescribe. Another big part of my life is aikido, which is a Japanese martial art. I’ve been training in that since 2006.

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