Dr. Li-Tai Chuo – Georgetown Medical Clinic

(upbeat music) – My name is Li-Tai Chou,
I am a family practitioner. I went to medical school in San Antonio, University of Texas,
Health Science Center, and I completed my residency
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at St Mary’s Hospital. The staff here, they’re great. A lot of the staff members have been here since I have started the practice, and again, being in a small practice, I think it affords us the opportunity to really get to know our
patient population, so, and we have a great, friendly group. My approach is generally trying to establish a good rapport with the patient, I think that’s extremely important, and hopefully gain their confidence, and that they understand that
we have their best intentions. One of the things that I try to do is emphasize shared decision-making. So we talk about different options and together we come up
with a shared decision. We really appreciate our
patients coming back, and trusting us to take care of them, and I wanna thank them for choosing us to be their primary care provider. (upbeat music) georgetownmedical.com

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