Dr. Leslie Good Norton | Family Medicine

Hi I’m Leslie Good Norton, a family
medicine provider at North Memorial Health. So in family medicine I cover a
variety of topics. I’ve been taking care of a lot of women and women’s health
issues. I also enjoy seeing a lot of people with regular injuries, sports
injuries and see a lot of people with knee pain, shoulder pain and then over
the years I just see all the different ages and that brings a lot of enjoyment
too. When I see somebody with a chronic condition such as diabetes or
osteoarthritis, I like to make sure they’re coming in on a regular basis
just so they know that it can be managed. It’s important to include many team
members so we have the social worker on staff and we have physical therapists in
the building. I enjoy seeing the people at the clinic and getting to know them
and getting to know the patients and their families but I also like the
challenges that are involved, trying to solve people’s problems give them
different options so that they can get better.

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