Dr. Lasack-McFarland Clinic Family Medicine Marshalltown

My name is Laura Lasack, MD, a family physician.
I am board certified in family medicine, and I practice in the Marshalltown Southside clinic,
as a part of the McFarland Clinic. Family medicine is taking care of patients as a whole
person, taking care of families. Family medicine is all-encompassing, taking care of patients
from the age of zero, just at birth, to 100 plus. And it is an opportunity to get to know
patients as people and not as numbers, and to be a part of their family, as well as keep
their families healthy. I have wanted to be a physician since I was in junior high school,
and I’ve always pictured myself as a family doctor. I’ve always seen myself taking care
of people. I like to spend time with people and help people, and help them to feel better,
and the nice thing about family medicine is that you have the opportunity to do procedures.
You have the opportunity to prescribe medications for certain conditions and help people feel
better. I believe that my relationship with the patient is a partnership. I believe that
we work together to help them be as healthy as possible. They have to realize that some
of that requires them to do some work, and I can’t do all of the work for them. However,
patients can expect that if they need me to spend a little bit of extra time with them,
then I will do that. I don’t run on a crunched schedule. Unfortunately, sometimes that means
that they may have to wait a little bit, but their time is just as valuable as mine. And
if they need that, then I will give it to them, and that partnership, hopefully, will
turn into a relationship that will last for a very long time. I think the most rewarding
part for me is to have a patient come in sick and then have them come back well, and just
the gratitude that people can give you for helping them go through that, that part of
making them feel better.

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