Dr. Lance Marr

Music My name is Lance Marr. I grew up in Monmouth, Oregon and I graduated from Western Oregon in 1993 with a degree in biology. I transferred to Western Oregon for my undergraduate degree because I think it was the perfect fit for me. I was interested in getting a great education in the sciences, I knew Western could provide that, and I was also very interesed in playing college basketball. I played for Tom Kelly at Western Oregon from 1990 to ’93 and I think my greatest memory is just all my teammates, we had a very good team my junior year. I think overall the wins and losses fade away but what lasts twenty plus years later is the bond and closeness of my teammates that i still see several times a year. I think the best thing about Western, obvioulsy jumps to the front of my mind, is the closeness. The closeness of the professor to the students, the closeness of the basketball coach to the players, the closeness of your fellow students. Larger schools like to talk about the student to teacher ratio but at Western it’s real. I never thought i was going to be a physician. I started out wanting to be a pilot like my father, but an eye problem lead me to change from the Air Force Academy to Western Oregon. It was one of my science professors at Western Oregon said, ‘Lance have you ever thought about medicine? Your good with people, your obviously very good at science, what about the combination of the two?’ The rest is history. Today I work at the Oregon clinic as a Urologist. A Urologist is a surgeon on the urinary tract, kidneys, ureter, bladder. My degree at Western Oregon prepared me for my medical training by enchanting my critical thinking skills and really giving me the confidence I needed to succeed. Western Oregon University is my home, I grew up there, and I am proud to be a Wolf. Music

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