Dr. Kirstie Wilson-Panum, OB/GYN

– I’m Dr. Kirstie Wilson-Panum of The Oregon Clinic OBGYN Division North. So, when I was in high school and I was a sexual health peer educator, we used to go into the classrooms and make it fun and engaging, and talk to the students about sexually transmitted
disease prevention and the ability to give
consent and ask for consent. I think my parents thought it was kind of an interesting activity
for me to be engaging in, but retrospectively, it
certainly makes sense in terms of what I’ve chosen to do
with the remainder of my life. I think, in treating patients, one of the most important
things is education. I like providing patients with knowledge, vast knowledge about conditions that they might be facing
and their treatment options, and I think it’s really
important to make sure that they have a comprehensive knowledge of what’s occurring so that they’re able to make informed decisions
about their healthcare. I think that I talk a lot. I also like to draw a lot of pictures, because I’m a visual learner and I think that when you’re discussing anatomy that’s inside a person’s body and they haven’t
necessarily seen, you know, their own internal organs
that it gives a good context when they’re able to have a
visual idea of what’s going on. I have a son who is about
to turn two years old, so, I spend a lot of
my free time with him. We like being outdoors, so, hiking, going on bike rides, just playing in the back yard. My husband is culinary trained, so, we like to eat, (laughs) a lot.

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