Dr. Kirk Barnett – Grandview Health Care Clinic

(upbeat music) – My name is Dr. Kirk Barnett. I practice internal medicine
here, in Grandview, Missouri. I don’t think there’s going
to be too many physicians that can say they started their career and ended their career in the same area. In fact, this location was the
location that I started in. It was a house when I
first came and practiced. I came because one of my best buddies that I did training in, his father was practicing in
Grandview, Dr. Sam Hoeper. Most everybody else is long gone and I’m still here, after… I think it’s 37 years. We are trained in a little extra in different medical issues, like diabetes and
hypertension, new medications that are keeping patients
under much better control with much less side effects. The newer medications have
much less side effects than the older medications. We don’t refer out too many
patients on like diabetes. I take care of most all
of my own diabetics, with insulin and all of the
new injectable medications that are available now. Heart disease, you know, we
don’t have a cardiologist at Grandview, so I will
see my own cardiac patients unless they’re very unstable. I will take care of my own
complicated medical problems. I think we have fun, you know? My patients know me, I know them. A lot of times, I’ve taken
care of their mother and father and I’ve taken care of their children. So, you know, we’re like four generations of family here, now. (GrandviewHealthCareCenter.com
816-765-8900) (now offering convenient
online appointment scheduling)

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