Dr. Joshua Zaritsky—Nemours Kidney Doctor in Wilmington, Del. and Pensacola FL

Look at that. You got a radio in your
car, and everything. [LAUGHTER] We do a lot as
pediatric nephrologists. But the basic thing
is making sure that your kidneys,
which clean your blood and remove excess fluid from
your body, stay healthy. When a child is well,
you know they’re well. They live in the
moment, and they go about doing their own thing. So being able to treat somebody
who is just in the moment and watch them get
better, it’s incredible. Now as a parent, I
know on the other side, when you have a sick child,
how stressed you can be, how your world just
all of a sudden shifts. And to be on the other side
to help a parent through that, especially with some of
the chronic diseases, it’s so rewarding. [INAUDIBLE] Telemedicine is great. And the reason I love it
is because anytime you can reduce stress on families– especially traveling
stress, that type of stuff, or taking time off work– you know, you’re
naturally going to be able to deliver better
care to the patient. You see the relief
on the parents face when you bring
up this option. Not everybody wants to do it. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But once they realize
you can do it, and they show up at
the office down there, you can tell they are
just a lot more receptive. I was actually working down
helping out in Pensacola, and there was a patient who had
seen two other docs up here. So rather than reschedule
everything, I saw her via tele. I called in from Pensacola
and saw her up here in clinic. It’s an incredible way of
being able to do medicine. When you’re there in the room
with them, that time for them is– I want them to feel that
they’re the only people in my life at that moment. And I’ve learned
that from families how important that is to feel
like that your entire attention and care is directed to them. And I think that as a physician,
you have to be patient.

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